Our Mission


Rhombus is transforming the nation’s defense and national security enterprises with Guardian, our cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence platform for strategic, operational, and tactical decisions at the speed of relevance. 

Today, everything that the United States stands for is being contested.
America’s adversaries never rest.
Neither do we.
Threats to our country are only accelerating.
So must we all.
At Rhombus, we are – all day, every day, for the United States of America.

At Rhombus, we know that the future belongs to those who believe in the power of collaboration to drive impact with conviction and focus.

Together, we can and will make the world a stronger, safer, better place. Not by hoping for it, or wishing for it, but through something as timeless as hard work and something as innovative as Artificial Intelligence.

Calling All Innovators

You Are Needed at Rhombus

Dreamers, doers, problem-solvers, systems-level thinkers, breakers of molds and rejectors of conventional wisdom – this is your moment, and Rhombus is the place for you to seize it. 

We are looking for people who are driven by a sense of purpose. 

Who want to transform the way we work and solve problems.

Who don’t just want a job, but want a mission.

We are looking for innovators who hear our clients say, “If we can dream it, Rhombus can do it,” and who are inspired, not intimidated. 

Come join us at Rhombus and deliver game-changing solutions, for America.

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